Flu Shot Medical Fraud | Greatest Medical Fraud In History

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Photo by: naturalnews.com

The winter season is typically the time people experience the flu and other illnesses. One way to avoid getting the flu each year is to get a vaccination. The theory behind vaccines is to inject a person with a serum using part of the flu virus to prevent an infection. This is effective a majority of the time, but you will be surprised to learn about flu shot medial fraud.

One aspect of vaccines that is not well known is they often contain unhealthy elements. This means you may actually be poisoning yourself to keep from getting flu-like symptoms. Vaccines are not supposed to contain toxic elements, but this has not been the case. Flu shot medial fraud exists due to how we are being told of vaccination benefits.

Certain elements, such as mercury, are added to vaccines as a preservative. This is where you will find flu shot medical fraud is common. There is small print that may indicate the presence of certain metals and other additives that can actually be toxic. Flu shot medical fraud exists as flu shots might still have really high levels of mercury.

The biggest issue with flu shot medical fraud is there are no safety recommendations that are available for pregnant women. This means women may be risking potential health problems that might develop in the course of a child’s development. Most people who take the time to research the pros and cons of flu shots are never presented with potential health risks of toxic components found in vaccines.

Many people who get a flu vaccine may not actually need it. One reason people get sick is often due to unhealthy habits. More and more people do not take the steps necessary to be healthy. 

More information about flu shot medical fraud can be found on naturalnews.com here…

Flu Shot Medical Fraud

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