Fermented Elderberry & Honey Soda

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Photo: empoweredsustenance.com

When putting together flavor profiles for drinks, mixing a berry with a natural sweetener (such as honey, brown sugar, or sucanat) seems to be a logical choice. In this instance, you can pair flavors and take advantage of natural health benefits! This featured beverage blends the anti-viral benefits of elderberries with the equally powerful anti-viral qualities of honey to create a tasty fermented beverage that will last for weeks (if stored correctly). The fermentation process may seem a bit complex at first but the instructions provide clear direction as to how to proceed. The most important note is that the fermentation process will continue and more alcohols may form as time goes by. As such, if you store the soda for awhile, it’s probably a good idea to taste the soda and assess it before serving it to children.

Check out the details on how to create this delicious soda at empoweredsustenance.com here…

Fermented Elderberry And Honey Soda

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