Easy Turmeric Face Mask For Age Spots

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Turmeric root and rhizome contain curcumin, and it is this component that is used for medicinal purposes.

Focusing on the skin alone, research shows that curcumin helps fight skin cancer, aids in wound healing of eczema, treats acne and scabies and can be used to lighten skin.

Often dark pigmentation blotches on the facial skin is caused by age spots, hormonal imbalance, and accumulated UV overexposure. ┬áTurmeric can be used in facial masks to lighten those unwanted spots. It can be combined with lemon or lime juice (1 part turmeric to 3 parts lemon/lime juice) and applied as a 15 minute facial mask. Just rinse well afterward using no soap. For a longer-lasting or an overnight mask, turmeric can be combined with an oil – like coconut or olive oil. Left on the skin longer, the turmeric will penetrate the skin more deeply while the oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Another option as a facial mask is to combine the turmeric with milk. Milk is high in lactic acid which helps slowly exfoliate skin removing the top layer which contains the darker skin color.

Below is video of one woman’s application of a turmeric milk mask for removing age spots. With all of these these recipes it’s essential to use only organic products. As well, the milk should be hormone-free.

Tip: Turmeric will stain fabrics, so make sure not to get it on your clothes or linens.

Source: Livestrong

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