DIY Reusable Rice Heat Packs

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When the weather starts getting colder and colder, one of the most common things that people do is reach for the thermostat; but often that really doesn’t help your freezing feet and toes, or even your hands and fingers – is there anything out there that could get you warmed back up simply and easily?

As it just so happens, there is. There’s an easy solution for poor insulation and shoddy circulation that doesn’t have the inherent dangers that come with electric blankets, including the potential for burns, electric shock, and fire. There are also all-natural solutions that come in handy, are simple to make, and can be made out of supplies that are often on hand!

The dandy of these all-natural, reusable heat packs is that they can be helpful in many different ways. Here are a few examples the show their versatility and effectiveness:

Cold Nights

If your apartment or house is poorly insulated, these reusable rice heat packs might be the ticket to combat a ridiculous electric bill. Heat these puppies up in the microwave for two minutes and carefully set them at your feet or under the blankets beside you – they’ll release some ambient heat that will keep you warm without having to worry about house fires or burns.

Cold and Flu

If you’re dealing with chills and aches from an illness, these reusable rice packs could make you feel more comfortable and help you get a little bit of relief. Just warm them up and apply as necessary.

With just these two examples, you can begin to see the possibilities for these little wonders! What better way to keep warm during the winter, than a personalized pouch to throw at your feet that’s as easy to use as putting it in the microwave with a warm glass of tea, cocoa, or cider? It’s the perfect option when you really need a batch of quick warmth.

Find the instructions for the full recipe (presented in an easily printed form for safe keeping) and more ideas for use at here…

DIY Reusable Rice Heat Packs

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