DIY Caffeine Eye Serum To Banish Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

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People who do not get enough sleep at night or experience a poor night’s sleep often have puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning. This is common for people who are restless or are unable to sleep fully due to various reasons. Dark circles under the eyes is often a result of the pooling of oxygenated blood. You may be surprised to know you can use a caffeine eye serum to treat this problem.

The way this serum works is by improving blood circulation to disperse pooled up blood that results in diminishing dark circles. You will also see a reduction in puffy eyes as well. This means you will have a significant result when you apply a caffeine eye serum every morning. All you will need to do to make a batch of caffeine eye serum is to obtain a few basic ingredients.

A trip to a local supermarket or grocery store will be needed to find all the ingredients that are not in your kitchen. The caffeine for a caffeine eye serum will actually come from coffee. You can use any type of coffee for this project, but a cheaper product may be preferred. Organic will be the best option for making a basic batch of eye serum.

The time to make a caffeine eye serum will take longer than you may think. Some of the ingredients will need to blend together and will take up to five days to fully process. This means the serum might take up to a week to prepare based on the time you have available.

Any old makeup bottle or plastic bottle can be used to apply your caffeine eye serum. The best container for your serum will be a glass or plastic eye dropper as you do not need to apply much under your eyes.

Instructions to make your own caffeine eye serum are found on here…

DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

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