Dark Chocolate And Honey Beauty Mask And Scrub

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Photo by: hellonatural.co

Chocolate is a common ingredient that is used to make many types of food products ranging from sweets to a flavoring used in milk. This ingredient is processed in different ways to make different chocolate. The selections that are found in any grocery store include cocoa powder to semi-sweet and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a richer flavor due to a higher fat content and that quality is what makes it valuable as a beauty mask and scrub.

Eating chocolate may be the preferred method of use, but some people might be allergic or just don’t like it. Chocolate is an ingredient in a lot of foods ranging from cakes to cookies. One thing about dark chocolate that may not be known is how it can aid digestion when eaten in moderation. If can also be combined with honey and used as a beauty mask and scrub.

You need to purchase the right type of products to make a beauty mask and scrub using chocolate. Any chocolate products that have milk or sugar as ingredients are not the right type. Of course, the best option is to find organic ingredients when possible. Most health stores may have the ingredients needed to make a beauty mask and scrub.

Heat is needed to mix the ingredients used to make a beauty mask and scrub, so you will need a double boiler to melt the chocolate without getting it too hot. For consistency, you should not use the microwave to melt the chocolate to combine the ingredients, as it may not turn out correctly.

You will need to use your beauty mask and scrub while the mixture remains warm, but not hot. If you let it cool, then the chocolate may harden too much to easily apply on your face. You may want to use a glass jar as it will be easier to rewarm.

Instructions to make a beauty mask and scrub from dark chocolate are found on hellonatural.co here…

Dark Chocolate & Honey Beauty Mask And Scrub

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