Health Benefits Of Adult Coloring Books + 18 Free Coloring Sources

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Why Sulfates In Soap Are Bad And Harm You

Sulfates in soap harm you. Here's why: Sulfates in soap dry your skin & eyes: Lathering agents in consumer soaps may be perceived as higher quality by an uninformed consumer. After all, rubbing your hands together to foam-up your soap can get a bit tedious. Unfortunately,  most lathering … [Read more...]

Should More Women Use African Black Soap?

We invest billions of dollars yearly on skin care products. What if I told you that, more women should use African Black Soap as it is a hidden gem within the natural skin care market and only averages about $4 a bar. Use African Black Soap for Women’s Skin Health Regimens Women’s skin goes … [Read more...]

Shen Men Auriculotherapy – This Is What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Ear

Pressure points exist all over the body and are a great way to treat various types of health problems. All you need to do is learn how to do Auriculotherapy messages when at home or at work. This technique is meant to help you relax and relieve to stress. The process is really easy to do once they … [Read more...]

The Best Spices and Herbs to Boost Brain Power

The foods we eat everyday play an important role in our health. Many foods affect the mind and body in different ways. If you want to boost your brain power, then herbs and spices will be important. Your best bet is to learn about spices and herbs to boost brain power. Deep breathing and … [Read more...]