How To Make Herbal Tinctures To Instantly Relieve Anxiety, Beat Pain, And Improve Sleep

Are you familiar with herbal teas and all the benefits they provide? If you are, then you may want to try a herbal tincture or two. These are great for helping to improve sleep, eliminating pain, and for relieving anxiety. The best thing is you can make herbal tinctures at home. Herbal tinctures … [Read more...]

How To Make Essiac Tea For Medicinal Use

Do you enjoy herbal teas and like to look for new recipes to try? There are various types of herbal teas that can be made at home using all types of ingredients. If you want a herbal tea that can help fend off ailments, then you might want to learn how to make essiac tea. This tea is documented to … [Read more...]

Using Tree Sap To Make Nature’s Spring Tonic

Do you have a lot of trees on your property? Maple trees will be great to have for making maple syrup that is perfect for bottling. However, other trees that produce sap means you can make things like a tonic to have as a tasty beverage. A simple tonic can easily be made by using tree sap. Walnut … [Read more...]

21 Home Remedies For Canker Sores

Getting canker sores is one of the worst things to experience as they can be really painful. There are a lot of reasons why they occur and most are due to a vitamin deficiency or allergies. The best option for treatment is to use home remedies for canker sores. Home remedies for canker sores will … [Read more...]

Why CBD Lowers Blood Sugar Levels in Type 1 Diabetes

CBD lowers blood sugar levels and prevents type 1 diabetes by stimulating regulatory TH2 cell responses. In addition, CBD tested in lab mice show potential to neutralize the body’s sugar imbalances. What is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an abundant cannabinoid extracted from Cannabis plants. … [Read more...]