Become A Dreamcatcher: Catch Your Dreams To Better Your Health

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Dreams, even the odd or scary ones – are manifestations of the things we are doing in life that are good for us. These dreams are servicing us to make us better and to make our bodies better, if we pay attention to them. In fact, dream analyst and expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of It’s All In Your Dreams: How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to Make Your Waking Dreams Come True, explains that 80% of the power of our minds is driven by our subconscience. And our subconscience is working while we are awake and while we sleep and dream.

Being selective about what we think about just prior to sleep is a powerful way to control our dreams because it prioritizes to our subconscience what’s important on a conscience level. So this is a perfect time to visualize improvements of who you are and choose to be. Likewise remembering dreams to learn from them also is important because the most powerful portion of mind is speaking to our conscience mind which then can pursue modifications and improvements to improve our health.

Specifically for positive dreams, there is a chemical response in the body brought about by remembering good-feelings. Thinking and feeling positive thoughts increases your body’s cortisol levels which, in turn, reduces your body’s overall stress level, and this can benefit your health in numerous ways.

Two Ways To Improve Remembering Dreams

1. Don’t move a muscle when you first wake up. You have about a five minute window upon waking to recall your dream before it slips away. Remain in your sleep position and ask yourself what your dreamt.  Recall it at least three times. Make this the top priority of what you think first thing in the morning, blocking out all they things you need to do that day.

2. Take B6 to boost memory. B6 vitamins (taken 1/2 in the AM and 1/2 in the PM) help with the conversion between tryptophan and seratonin, and increased seratonin has been shown to increase and improve vivid dreams which are easier to recall.

Source: The Dr. Oz Show

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