How Bananas And Cinnamon Make An Effective Sleep Tea

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Have you tried a variety of herbal teas as a way to help you get to sleep, but have had less than stellar results? Or perhaps you have opted supplement, OTC pills, or even prescription medication. A common thread among sleep alternatives is that not all options work best for all people.  One way that has been effective for many is to take a few sips of a banana and cinnamon sleep tea.

There are many benefits of a sleep tea made with bananas and cinnamon you may not know. You get all the nutritional benefits of bananas including potassium and magnesium. These minerals are the best for helping you to relax at night and to help relieve stress.

No more than 10 minutes is needed to make a banana and cinnamon sleep tea. The one thing that is the most important is to make sure you are using a fresh banana. Organic bananas are the best, but you can use a non-organic banana if that is all you have.

Information about the benefits of a banana and cinnamon sleep tea are on here…

Cinnamon & Banana Sleep Tea Recipe

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