Natural Tick Repellent Recipe

Mosquitoes are commonly blamed for many types of illnesses and diseases. However, another insect to watch out for is the common tick. This insect be often found on animals that are outdoors. Pets are also a source of ticks if no precautions are taken. If you think that ticks might be a problem, then … [Read more...]

Hawthorn For Heart Health

Certain plants can be harvested to use an ingredient for various health products. This includes many herbs and flowers, such as the Hawthorn or the Mayblossom. This plant has been used to help digestive problems and is also ideal for good heart health. All you need to do is know which parts of the … [Read more...]

Homemade Cheek Tint Recipe

Most types of makeup products contain all sorts of synthetic chemicals and additives. If you make your own makeup at home, then this will not be an issue as you can use all natural ingredients. Homemade cheek tint is a product you can make at home that is all natural and non-toxic. The key to … [Read more...]

Homemade Chemical-Free Bug Spray

The warm weather that comes when spring finally arrives means mosquitoes are soon to follow. This is often when bug sprays and store bought bug repellents will be applied. The bad thing about these products is their reliance on chemicals and toxic additives to kill or repel bugs. A better option is … [Read more...]

DIY Cracked Foot And Heel Salve Recipe

The onset of spring is often when many people look forward to getting outside. This is also the time for younger people to go on spring break. However, wearing sandals or walking on the beach with feet that are dry and cracked is often not a preferred look. A simple cracked foot and heel salve you … [Read more...]