Should More Women Use African Black Soap?

We invest billions of dollars yearly on skin care products. What if I told you that, more women should use African Black Soap as it is a hidden gem within the natural skin care market and only averages about $4 a bar. Use African Black Soap for Women’s Skin Health Regimens Women’s skin goes … [Read more...]

3 All Natural Baby Wash Ideas For Baby Care

Make bath time a fun and safe moment between you and your child with 3 all natural baby wash ideas! Improve your baby care regimen by keeping your baby's skin super soft without using synthetic ingredients. An all natural baby wash routine is best for any healthy, growing baby. Only organic soaps … [Read more...]

3 DIY Facial Scrubs To Try This Autumn

DIY facial scrubs are the perfect way to start autumn with glowing, dewy skin! Autumn brings cooler, drier weather which can flake and dry out your skin. Facial scrubs can help eliminate the hassle of dry skin, breakouts and keep your skin healthy and smooth all year long. 1. DIY Facial Scrubs: … [Read more...]

Can Benzethonium Chloride Cause Asthma?

What exactly is Benzethonium Chloride and can Benzethonium Chloride cause asthma? Pronounced “ben-za-tho-nium chlo-ride”, it is a colorless solid ammonium salt currently used as the new antibacterial agent for commercial soaps and cosmetics.  Information on Benzethonium Chloride Benzethonium … [Read more...]

Is Palm Oil Safe For Natural Aging?

Palm oil is known to increase energy, boost the immune system, and protect against heart disease! But is it safe for natural aging? A process in life, aging happens every second and can occur as naturally and safely as possible with the right organic ingredients. Palm Oil’s History Palm oil has … [Read more...]