Top 20 Uses For Castile Soap

Uses for Castile soap have gone a long way! Castile Soap is more than just an ordinary soap. In fact, it is an extra-ordinary soap as the top 20 uses for Castile Soap includes both hygiene and household uses. Laundry Wash every dirty article of clothing using castile liquid soap to bring … [Read more...]

How To Absorb Supplements Better

Learn how to absorb supplements better and get the most out of your healthy lifestyle. Taking supplements is easy and effective (when done right). Unfortunately, many people take them with no results. Supplements are best taken by following a few methods to maximize the absorption and use. Tip … [Read more...]

Why CBD Lowers Blood Sugar Levels in Type 1 Diabetes

CBD lowers blood sugar levels and prevents type 1 diabetes by stimulating regulatory TH2 cell responses. In addition, CBD tested in lab mice show potential to neutralize the body’s sugar imbalances. What is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an abundant cannabinoid extracted from Cannabis plants. … [Read more...]

Hemp Oil Skin Benefits: Is Hemp Oil Good For Your Skin?

Hemp oil skin benefits range from medicinal to cosmetic. Hemp oil provides skin nutrition and ingredients which may help the long-term treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Hemp Oil Skin Benefits: Hemp oil benefits your skin by providing Omega 6 and Omega 3, two necessary … [Read more...]

Why Sulfates In Soap Are Bad And Harm You

Sulfates in soap harm you. Here's why: Sulfates in soap dry your skin & eyes: Lathering agents in consumer soaps may be perceived as higher quality by an uninformed consumer. After all, rubbing your hands together to foam-up your soap can get a bit tedious. Unfortunately,  most lathering … [Read more...]