6 Foods & Herbs That Solve The Most Dangerous Health Issues Right Now

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Photo by: naturalnews.com

In the US and in many other wealthy nations, the average diet tends to be one that’s high-calorie, low-nutrient, often processed and genetically modified. Even fruits and vegetables consumed often include toxins brought about by pesticide residue. This diet has triggered the high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, not to mention a plethora of ailments affecting the thyroid, digestion, hormone disruption, mineral deficiency, cognitive disorders, and lower immune system, just to mention a few.

While the biggest change to health improvement will take a revamping of the foods selected for market and the table, there are six organic foods and herbs that each individual can incorporate into their diet now to minimize this problem and to improve the quality of body health.

For a detailed list of these six foods and herbs, visit naturalnews.com hereā€¦

6 Foods & Herbs That Solve The Most Dangerous Health Issues

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