5 Ways To Treat Fevers Naturally

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There are many ways to classify a fever based on the temperature reading on a thermometer. A child with a fever does not necessarily need to see a doctor. There is no reason to treat a fever when a child is acting normal and remains hydrated. However, you should seek medical attention whenever a fever is above 104 degrees. If the temperature is under 104 degrees, then there are many ways to treat fevers naturally.

The Basics

Parents should know that a fever is the body’s way to naturally control an immune response. The body will produce a fever which may fluctuate when it is trying to control temperature. Do not waken a child who is sleeping for the purpose of administering medications. Letting a child sleep is more important. 

The Process

The goal of treating fevers naturally is to ensure the comfort of a child and not simply trying to reduce the fever. You need to provide your child with a lot of fluids. This can be chips of ice or perhaps even a popsicle. One important detail to realize is that fevers are not scary and there are many options which can help reduce a fever without prescription medication.

The Options

One of the best ways to treat fevers naturally is with a warm bath. This will be beneficial in a variety of ways. The warm water will soothe any aches that can occur and help treat other symptoms of illness like a stuffy nose. If a warm bath is not an option, then place a warm washcloth on the child’s forehead. The use of heat is beneficial to treat fevers naturally.

The options you use to treat fevers naturally will be based on your particular preference. You may find one solution works much better than another.

A list of ways to treat fevers naturally can be found on mommypotamus.com here…

5 Ways To Treat Fevers Naturally

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