5 Fabulous Reasons To Use Raw Honey

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One type of health food that may seem new, but is actually something that has been used for thousands of years is raw honey. This is something that has many health benefits. However, most of the honey on store shelves and in the cupboards of a typical home is micro-filtered and pasteurized. This means there will not be any vitamins, enzymes, and other compounds necessary to make it a superfood.

The Basics

Most of the commercial honey produced today does not contain any pollen. The result is honey which has the nutritional value of corn syrup. However, raw honey is full of beneficial nutrients as there is a plentiful amounts of vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. Raw honey also includes magnesium, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, sulfur, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus. Worth noting, honey that has not been pasteurized has more enzymes than any other type of food.

The Benefits

There are various beneficial uses of raw honey. This will include relieving allergies, treating skin irritations, soothing a sore throat, treating a mild cough, boosting immunity, and helping people sleep. If you have a health problem, then raw honey might be a better solution instead of an over-the-counter product. A little raw honey will go a long way as you can use it for much more than a simple sweetener for food.

The Results

People taking a small amount of raw honey each day will see results in about one week. This means many over-the-counter medications will not be necessary as they only provide temporary relief. You should know that raw honey is a great way to help boost the body’s immune system. You can take raw honey with food or as a simple dietary supplement.

The amount of honey to take each day for children is one teaspoon. Adults may take two teaspoons or just one tablespoon.

A list of great ways to use raw honey can be found on fabulousfarmgirl.com here…

5 Fabulous Reasons To Use Raw Honey

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