10 Shoulder Stand Benefits For Aging And Health

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Photo by: kvyogablog.wordpress.com

The shoulder stand position in yoga is referred to as the “Mother of yoga poses,” and it’s said to create happiness and health in the body. For the purpose of aging – that is, minimizing the signs of the aging process – the shoulder stand helps improve varicose veins as the position assists in draining old blood from the legs, pelvis, and abdominal area allowing new blood to flow. At the same time, it increases blood flow to the neck and face which helps reduce wrinkles and overall complexion.

The benefits don’t stop here, however. The should stand positionĀ has even more incredible health benefits that everyone can benefit from to improve flexibility and internal health. Read on for the ten main shoulder stand benefits at kvyogablog.com hereā€¦

10 Benefits Of Doing A Shoulder Stand

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